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Model CCD300
Use Removal of dust


CCD-300 assembled cyclone dust collector is to remove dust by centrifugal force and gravity setting without filter.
Large amount of dust can be removed on lumber, stone and drilling process.


  • No need for replacing filter
    CCD-300 removes the dust without the filter by the centrifugal structure and gravity setting.
    It has high efficiency on large size and heave particle as lumber dust and iron powder.
    The maintenance is simple and the cost-effectiveness is high because of simple structure.
  • Convenient dust box
    It can be checked by naked eye that how must dust is piled up in the box. (except 200ℓ type)
    The dust box is separable from the dust collector, convenient to clean up.

※ The cyclone and dust box is not assembled when the delivery.

※ It is not suitable for light and fine dust.