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Mobile air pulse dust collectorKF-200

  • Fine dust

  • Fume

  • H&V Nano filter

  • Auto 3D air-pulse

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Model KF-200
Use Removal of fine dust and fume
Filter type H&V Nano filter
Filter cleaning method Auto 3D air-pulse (Need air compressor)


KF-200 mobile dust collector is to remove fume generated from welding works with ARC, CO2, MAG, Argon and dust generated from polishing, pulverizing, drilling, cutting and grinding works.


  • 3D air-pulse cleaning method
    The filter is cleaned with 3D air-pulsing which blows out the compressed air with rotating 360 degree.
    The filter can be cleaned during the collector is running (24hours continuing operation)
  • Mobile dust collector
    The flexible arm is attached, so there is no need for additional installation of hood and duct.
    It can be moved easily to any direction with 4pcs heavy load caster.
  • Applying H&V nano filter
    High durable nano fiber coating filter can hold large amount of dust.
    The lifetime of filter is extended by improving the cleaning efficiency by air pulse.
    It has 97%(1µm) filtering efficiency at 5.33cm/sec.
  • Applying German analog manometer
  • Applying Flexible Arm

    See more about Flexible Arm  

※ It can be used as fixed type connecting separate worktable instead of flexible arm.

※ It is not suitable for high temperature gas and dust mixed with large amount of water or oil.