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Small size fume collectorUPC-260

  • Dust

  • Stink

  • Fume

  • Assembled cartridge filter

  • Filter replacing

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Model UPC-260
Use Removal of fume, stink, dust
Filter type Assembled cartridge filter (Pre+HEPA+Carbon)
Filter cleaning method Filter replacing type


UPC-260 small size fume collector is to remove small amount of dust, fume and stink generated
from dermatology laser procedure, soldering and laser marking.



  • Quiet & Small
    UPC-260 is quiet by 3 step noise reducing design as the air flow is exhaled through the curve.
    Low noise blower is quiet and vibrates less.
  • Multi joint hose
    The hose can be moved easily to the place that the user wants by simple handling.
    Each joint is separable individually.
  • Assembled cartridge filter
    Assembled cartridge filter made with HEPA filter(99.97% filtering efficiency
    on 0.3㎛ particle) and activated carbon(for removing stink) is equipped.
    The suction force loss of assembled cartridge filter is little, and the filter is
    easy to be replaced.
    It is available to equipping different kinds of filter by the type of dust, gas and stink.

※ It is not suitable for highly concentrated fume, stink or large amount of dust.


Model Air Flow
Dimension Noise(dB) Weight(Kg)
A B C(Inlet)
UPC-260 10 32 0.21 Ø360 525 Ø75 55±2 18

※ Single phase 220V, Without the height of caster


  • Multi joint hose for 2 users(Dual inlet)

  • Bag filter(for removal of dust)