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Laser and plasma fume collectorCAPH

  • Plasma / Laser Fume

  • ULTRANANO filter

  • Auto air-pulse

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Model CAPH
Use Removal of plasma and laser fume
Filter type ULTRANANO filter
Filter cleaning method Auto air-pulse (Need air compressor)


CAPH-Series descending air current fume collector is specialized to remove fumes that have been created
from plasma and laser machining.


  • Flame Prevention(Flare extinguishing partition)
    Flare extinguishing partition is included for preventing the flare flowing into the filter room
    and dust box.
  • ULTRANANO filter
    The ULTRANANO filter is an high efficient filter that nano-fiber is coated on the surface.
    It has two times longer filter lifetime than the polyester filter.

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  • Descending air current
    CAPM-Series are dust collectors that the pollutants are inhaled from above to the below,
    and the filter is installed horizontally.
    Unlike the existing ascending air type dust collector, dust is not re-scattered by ascending air.
    Also, it is easy to be cleaned by air pulsing. The lifespan of filter is extended by this technology.


  • 01

    Caster (Fixed after installation)

※ Need separate inquiry for explosive dust as aluminum, titan and magnesium.
※ It is not suitable for high temperature gas and dust mixed with large amount of water or oil.