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Model CF
Use Removal of welding fume
Filter type Demister, Carbon MAT filter, HEPA filter
Filter cleaning method Filter replacing type


CF-Series entry level mobile fume collector is to remove fume generated from welding works with ARC, CO2, MAG, ARGON.


  • Mobile dust collector
    The flexible arm is attached, so there is no need for additional installation of hood and duct.
    It can be moved easily to any direction with caster.
  • Multi-step filter design
    Step 1. Demister : Aluminum demister can block the large size flare.
    Step 2. Carbon MAT filter : Carbon MAT filter removes the stink of fume.
    Step 3. HEPA filter : 0.3μm particles are removed more than 99.97% by high performance filter
    to remove the harmful microorganism and radioactive dust.
  • Applying Flexible Arm

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※ The KF-200 of which the filter can be cleaned by air-pulse is recommended for large amount of welding work.