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Two step charging electric precipitatorCEP(R)-Series

  • Oil-mist

  • Demister

  • Dust collecting cell, Ionizer

  • Cleaning by water

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Model CEP(R)
Use Removal of Oil-mist
Filter type Demister, Ionizer, Dust collecting cell
Filter cleaning method Manually cleaning by water (Semi-permanent use)


Small size electric precipitator
The airflow of small size electric precipitator is below 100CMM.
It is usually used for oil-mist of the CNC lathe, robo-drill and high-speed metalworking machine.

Middle size electric precipitator
The airflow of middle size electric precipitator is between 100 to 1000 CMM.
It can be manufactured as customized product and applied to various fields of industry.


  • Filtering efficiency and stability
    It can collect 0.1㎛ fine particles at 95~98% rate.
    Specially designed high voltage power supply has over-current
    detecting function and high stability.
  • Dust collecting process of electric precipitator
    Inhaled pollutants has electric charge after passing through the ionizer.
    These particles is attached to the collecting cell by static force.
  • Multi-step filter design
    Demister scatters the inhaled pollutants by inertia and gravity setting.
    Ionizer makes the pollutants ionized to plus(+) and have electric charge.
    Pollutants with electricity are attached to the collecting cell by static force.

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