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Single step charging electric precipitatorCNEP

  • Oil-mist

  • Grill smoke, stink

  • Dust collecting cell, Ionizer

  • Cleaning by water

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Model CNEP
Use Removal of grill smoke, stink
Filter type Dust collecting cell, Ionizer
Filter cleaning method Manually cleaning by water (Semi-permanent use)


CNEP-Series electric precipitator is to remove pollutants by electricity.
It is mainly used for all kinds of smoke and harmful dust of industry,
oil-mist of the CNC lathe and smoke of restaurant industry.


  • Easy to disassemble and clean
    Individually disassemble each dust collecting cell
    Individually clean each dust collecting cell (100% cleaning rate)
    Available for disassembling whole frame dust collecting cell
    Cleaning cycle is long by high cleaning rate
  • Minimize TRIP (Emergency stop)
    Normal operation even if there is water on the dust collecting cell
    The frequency of TRIP(Emergency stop) by pollutants accumulation
    and decrease of efficiency rate is minimized.
  • Pollutants cleaning Method
    • Inhaling fine dust, stink,
      white lead, oil-mist
    • Strong plasma reaction
      from discharge electrode
    • Collecting fine dust, stink,
      white lead, oil-mist
    • Exhaling
      cleaned air

    Pollutants cleaning by electrical force

Need separate inquiry for high temperature mist.