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Small size oil-mist collectorCOMS-200

  • Oil-mist

  • Structural filtering, Pre-filter

  • Filter replacing

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Model COMS-200
Use Removal of Oil-mist
Filter type Structural filtering, Pre-filter
Filter cleaning method Filter replacing type


COMS-200 small size oil-mist collector is to remove water soluble oil-mist generated
from CNC lathe, machining center and robo-drill by connecting to the processing equipment.


  • Centrifugal force & Gravity setting
    It is designed that the oil-mist flows by the circular structure to the bottom drain
    by centrifugal force and gravity setting.
  • One-on-one installation
    It is an oil-mist collector attached one-on-one to the processing deivce.

It is only for water soluble oil, so it is not suitable for water insoluble oil.