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Model CMC(E)
Use Removal of oil-mist
Filter type Pre-filter, Veebag filter
Filter cleaning method Filter replacing type


CMC(E)-Series oil-mist collector is to remove large amount of water soluble / insoluble oil-mist generated
from CNC lathe, machining center and robo-drill.
The structure and performance of CMC-Series and CMCE-Series is basically same, but 3rd filter is fitted with CMCE-Series.


  • Centralized system
    It is suitable for connecting to several equipments.
  • Recyclable
    Filtered oil-mist is collected on underbody by gravity and can be discharged by opening valve.
    The amount of collected oil can be checked by gauge.
  • Multi-step filter design
    Step 1, Pre-filter: Large size dust is collected by polyester pre-filter.
    Step 2. Veebag filter: Small size particles and dust mixed with water
    or oil are filtered by Veebag filter made of synthetic fiber.
    Step 3. CFM filter(only for CMCE): Smaller particles which are not filtered
    by Veebag filter are removed by glass fiber CFM filter.

※ It is not available for detaching and changing the side of inlet because it is manufactured by whole welding type for preventing oil-leaking.