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VOCs, stink

Activated carbon towerSAC

  • Highly concentrated VOCs

  • Stink

  • Activated carbon

  • Replacing activated carbon type

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Model SAC
Use Removal of Highly concentrated VOCs
Filter type Activated carbon
Filter cleaning method Replacing activated carbon type


SAC-Series activated carbon tower is to remove the VOCs and stink generated from the chemical,
printing and painting works.


  • Air purifying with large amount of activated carbon
    Various kinds of VOCs and stink are removed with physical, chemical absorbtion and adsorption
    by passing through the inside of tower filled with activated carbon.
    Activated carbon is usually used as absorbent for purifying highly contaminated air.
    Activated carbon is commonly used for purifying air because the stink and gas is easy to be
    adsorbed inside area.
  • Applying German analog manometer


  • 01

    Available for changing the side of inlet