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Negative pressure ventilator

Negative pressure ventilator for asbestosCND-50

  • Generating negative pressure

  • 2 Step filter

  • Assembled cartridge filter

  • Filter replacing

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Model CND-50
Use Generating negative pressure
Filter type Pre-filter, HEPA filter
Filter cleaning method Filter replacing type


CND-50 negative pressure ventilator for asbestos to block the leakage of
pollutants by making pressure of inside lower than outside.


  • Fulfilling performance and safety requirements
    Fulfilling requirements of Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
    for Asbestos dismantling business license
    ※ Offering test report
  • Small size negative pressure ventilator
    It is smallest and lightest negative pressure ventilator in Korea.
    It is easy to move and install.
  • 2 Step filter design
    Step 1, Pre-filter: Large size dust is collected by polyester pre-filter.
    Step 2. HEPA filter: 0.3μm particles are removed more than 99.97%
    by high performance filter to remove the harmful microorganism
    and radioactive dust.