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Dust collector

Model CNDH
Use Generating negative pressure
Filter type Pre-filter, HEPA filter
Filter cleaning method Replacing activated carbon type


CNDH-Series negative pressure ventilator for hospital is to block the leakage of pollutants,
germs and virus by making the pressure of patient room lower than outside.
CNDH-Series can filter the pollutants and sterilize the germs and virus.


  • Quiet structure and adjustable airflow
    It is manufactured by low noise fan and design. The airflow is adjustable for the size of patient room.
  • Multi-step filter design
    Step 1, Pre-filter: Large size dust is collected by polyester pre-filter.
    Step 2. HEPA filter: 0.3μm particles are removed more than 99.97% by high performance filter
    to remove the harmful microorganism and radioactive dust.
    Step 3. photo catalysis Zeolite filter(option): virus and germs around
    the air is sterilized.
  • Photo Catalysis Zeolite Filter(option)
    Photo catalysis zeolite filter can sterilize the germ and virus in the hospital and laboratory.
    It also resolves the gas and removes the stink.
    It can be used semipermanently. (Lamp can be use about 1 year by 24hours running)
  • Digital manometer
    It indicates the pressure difference between inside and outside, so the generation of
    negative pressure can be checked. There is no need for additional negative pressure measuring


  • 01

    Caster (Fixed after installation)

  • 02

    Available for changing the side of inlet