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Paint spray collectorCACW

  • Paint spray particle

  • Multi-step filter

  • Filter replacing

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Model CACW
Use Removal of paint spray particle, VOCs
Filter type Andrea filter, Pre-filter, CFM filter, Carbon MAT filter
Filter cleaning method Impossible to clean (Filter replacing type)


CACW-Series paint spray collector is to remove scattered paint spray and VOCs from painting work.


  • Spray collector for painting work
    The painting hood and collector is assembled.
    There is no need for additional hood installation.
    The installation is simply finished by connecting the duct to the outlet to exhaust
    the air to the outdoor.
  • Multi-step filter design
    Step 1. Andrea filter(Worktable): Large amount of paint spray particles are
    directly blocked to extend the lifetime of after step filter.
    Step 2, Pre-filter(Worktable): Large size dust is collected by polyester pre-filter.
    Step 3. Frame type Pre-filter(Dust collector): Large size particle is collected again
    by pre-filter of dust collector.
    Step 4. CFM filter(Dust collector): Small size particles and dust mixed with water
    or oil are filtered by CFM filter made of glass fiber.
    Carbon MAT filter(Dust collector): VOCs are removed by adsorption of activated carbon.