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Water vortex type dust collectorCWC - 200

  • Flame, High temperature, Adhesive dust, Explosive dust

  • Water

  • Replacing water

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Model CWC
Use Removal of Flame, High temperature, Adhesive dust, Explosive dust
Filter type Water
Filter cleaning method Water replacing type


CWC-200 water vortex type dust collector is to remove the particles
by the vortex of water.


  • Removing flaring dust
    It can be applied to removal of flame, high temperature, adhesive dust
    and explosive dust which is hard to be cleaned by filter type dust collector.
  • Automatic water level control(Option)
    The water level sensor is operated when the water level is low.
    The water is automatically supplied, so there is no need
    for manual water supplying.
    The contamination of water can be checked by transparent glass.
  • Applying German analog manometer


  • 01

    Caster (Fixed after installation)