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Specialized Products

Single step charging electric precipitatorCNEP

  • Grill smoke, stink

  • Dust collecting cell, Ionizer

  • Cleaning by water

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CNEP-Series electric precipitator is to remove not only the smoke, oil-mist generated from restaurant industry and CNC lathe but also the dust
from industrial field by electricity without filter.


  • Dust collectable electric precipitator
    Unlike the existing electric precipitator, it can remove not only oil-mist but also dust.
  • Circle type dust collecting cell
    Unlike the existing plate type dust collecting cell, the distance from the electrode bar to the surface
    of cell is long. There is a strong point on maintenance because TRIP or breakdown is less occurred
    by large amount of dust.
  • Convenient Maintenance
    The cell can be simply pulled out and cleaned. It is easy for maintenance.
    Non-operating time is minimized because the cell can be used after cleanup
    without complete drying.