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Specialized Products

Laser and plasma fume collectorCAPH

  • Plasma / Laser Fume

  • ULTRANANO filter

  • Auto air-pulse

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CAPH-Series laser and plasma fume collector is customized for Bystronic Co.,Ltd.
and optimized to the laser processing industry.


  • ULTRANANO filter
    The ULTRANANO filter is created by unique technology of Clean air Tech and holds fine fume
    by super fine nano fabric x-x-x-x-x-x-layer.
    (Efficiency rate : 0.3㎛@99.1%)

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  • Assembled Fan and Flame prevention system
    Fan and flame prevention system (flare extinguishing partition) is assembled in the main body.
    There is no need for additional room or flame prevention equipment.
  • Descending air current
    The filter lifetime is extended because the dust is not re-scattered
    by ascending air current or re-attached to the filter after air pulse.

※ It is supplied to the Bystronic Co.,Ltd. as laser processing specialized fume collector.