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Circular fiber dust collectorCFC Series

  • Low specific gravity dust

  • Centrifugal structure

  • Filter bag

  • Auto air-pulse

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Model CFC Series
Use Removal of low specific gravity dust as fiber, cotton
Filter type Centrifugal structure, Filter bag
Filter cleaning method Auto air-pulse (Need air compressor)


  • Removal of low specific gravity dust
    CFC-Series fiber dust collector is specialized to remove low specific gravity dust as fiber, cotton.
    It is designed as mix of clone and filter.
    The filtering speed is designed as 0.5~2.0m/min, so there is no problem of fiber dust stuck between the filtering bag.
  • Compressing system
    Collected fiber dust is discharged after compression by compressing screw conveyor(patent registered).
  • ※ It is need large space because of a little big volume of dust collector.

  • Comparing the pressure loss of filtering bag
    The pressure loss speed of fiber dust collector is slower than traditional filtering dust collector.
  • ※ These graphs compares the time from the air-pulse filter bag cleaning after the pressure loss is 100mmH2O to rise again for 100mmH2O.


  • • Workplace for light and crumpling dust as fiber and cotton