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Dirty gas(dust)

Smart nano dust collectorSND Series

  • Highly concentrated dirty gas(dust)

  • Descending air current

  • ULTRANANO filter

  • Auto air-pulse

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Model SND Series
Use Removal of highly concentrated dirty gas(dust)
Filter type ULTRANANO Filter
Filter cleaning method Auto air-pulse (Need air compressor)


  • Descending air current
    Unlike the existing ascending air type dust collector, air is inhaled from the below and dropped dust is not re-scattered
    by ascending air when the compressed air is pulsed to the horizontally equipped filter.
    The lifespan of filter is extended by this technology.
  • ULTRANANO filter
    The filtering efficiency is high as 0.3㎛ particles at 99.1% and pressure loss is low.
    The lifetime is long because the blockage is minimized by surface filtering
    method coating and the cleanup efficiency by the air-pulse jet is high.
  • Minimized installed area
    SND-Series smart nano dust collector has less limit for applying.
    The volume is 30% lesser than the traditional filtering dust collector
    at same performance, so the cost and installed area is saved.
  • Module addition method
    If there is a need for large scale dust collecting facility, it can be expanded easily by adding modules to existing dust collector.
    There is no need for installing several dust collectors.
  • ※ Module addition


  • • Workplace for processing the rock, wood, cement, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, food, feed, grain, powder and fertilizer