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Dirty gas(dust)

Model CYC Series
Use Removal of large amount heavy dust
Filter type Centrifugal force, gravity setting by cyclone
Filter cleaning method -


  • Centrifugal force and gravity setting
    CYC-Series cyclone&multi-cyclone dust collector is to remove the particles
    with centrifugal force and gravity setting by inhaling dirty gas to cone shape structure.
    It can be used alone for big size particle, but usually used as a pre-filter
    before the filtering type dust collector for removing particles.
    It is suitable for big size heavy dust and get less influenced by temperature.
  • Basic structure of Cyclone
    • See more kinds of Cyclone

      • Tangential Entry Type Cyclone
        When the dirty gas flows in and descends around the cone, the dust is bumped to the inside panel
        and dropped to be collected.
      • Tangential Entry
      • Axial Entry Type Cyclone
        Installing inducing collar above the collector to add circling movement to the dirty gas.
        There are reversal type and straight type.
        It can process 3 times more gas than the tangential Entry Type Cyclone and easy to divide the gas equally.
      • Axial Entry


  • • Workplace that makes large amount of big size heavy dust