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VOCs, stink

Model CAC
Use Removal of VOCs, stink
Filter type Activated carbon


  • Air pollution prevention facility by absorbent
    CAC-Series are dust collectors that removes the gas type pollutants using the absorbent.
    It is a facility that removes the dirty gas by inhaling and passing through inside of activated carbon tower filled with absorbent.
    It is useful for low concentrated non-combustible pollutants and also appliable to remove the stink.
  • The blueprint of activated carbon tower #1

  • Absorbent and catalyst
    Efficient absorbing system is applied by customized design with using absorbent and catalyst optimized
    to the pollutants and field.

    • Kinds and use of catalyst

    • Kinds and use of absorbent

  • Applying principle of low temperature catalyst

    Dirty gas is decomposed to the water and oxygen by chemical reaction of low temperature catalyst


  • •Workplace that makes gas pollutants as VOCs and stink.
    • Applied to the food factory, paint manufacturing, printing shop, plating factory, petrochemistry factory, waste water disposal plant