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Model COC Series
Use Removal of oil-mist
Filter type Eliminator, Demister, CFM filter


  • Big size oil-mist collector
    COC-Series are oil-mist collector which can collect water soluble / insoluble oil-mist.
  • Semi-permanent use
    Eliminator and demister is made by Stainless steel. It can be used semi-permanently
    without replacing because it collects the oil-mist by physical method.
  • Processing efficiency
    Removal efficiency of oil-mist is high because of multi step filtering.
    It can process large amount of oil-mist by centralized system.
  • Recyclable oil-mist
    Collected oil-mist can be discharged by opening the valve and reused.
    ※ CFM filter needs to be replaced periodically.


  • • Works generating oil-mist as CNC lathe, machining center and robo-drill.