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R.T.O (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)

Model CTR Series
Use Removal of VOCs, stink
Filter type Combustion method
Filter cleaning method No filter


  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
    R.T.O(Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) is a facility to remove the VOCs by burning up at 800℃ high temperature.
    The consumption of auxiliary fume is minimized by using the energy of fever more than 95% when the VOCs
    are burnt by heat exchanging material.
  • High removal efficiency
    It has more than 98% removal efficiency on VOCs.
  • HIgh energy efficiency
    The operational cost is inexpensive because thermal energy is recollected and used for energy.
    (More than 95% of heat recollecting rate)
    Waste heat can be used for heating of room to save the fuel cost.
    It is available to drive without the fuel if the inflow VOCs concentration is more than 1.5~2g/Nm³.
  • Valve Rotary type
    ※ The Valve rotary type is used because disk rotary is very low efficient to clean
    the VOCs when there is leak and hard to maintain.