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  • Powder loading and unloading hopper
    Green Hopper is developed to reduce the dust at 70~80%% efficiency when feed as husk of wheat and bean is loaded
    and unloaded on the port. It is usually used for loading and unloading process of feed on the port as designed,
    but it can be applied to other works that the powder is put to the hopper. (Patent registered 10-1542351)
  • Reduction efficiency
    More than 95% of dust that occurs on loading and unloading process of feed can be reduced.
    (The efficiency is more than 95% even the wind blowing 3m/s.)
    Scattered dust is filtered by multi cyclone and ULTRANANO filter in the dust collecting facility
    and collected by the screw conveyor.
  • First test on Ulsan port

  • Second test on Ulsan port

Appearance of Green hopper

※This is an appearance of reference model. It can be changed by client’s case or request.

Specification of Green hopper

Airflow of dust collecting facility 800CMM Size of hopper 40㎥
Pressure of dust collecting facility 300mmAq Applicable vehicle 25ton Truck
Power of dust collecting facility 3.7Kw X 2EA Total size Height 7.5M(except the AIR BOOM), AIR BOOM 0.9M,Height 7.5M,Width 10M
Power of Screw conveyor 1,5Kw X 2EA Filtering method Multi Cyclone+ULTRANANO Filter+Etc
Total power 85Kw Pressure of dust collecting facility Weight